Virtual tours allow home buyers to walkthrough you home online in the safety of their own environment

Virtual tours allow home buyers to walkthrough multiple properties online in the safety of their own environment narrowing down their top two or three home picks. A recent 2017 survey has shown 33% of all home buyers have made offers sight unseen and when a millennial is involved that number increases to 41 percent.

Home sellers offering virtual tours of their property are enjoying the convenience and safety of not gathering the family at the last second to get out of their home for each showing. This is saving hours of frustration for home sellers not to mention the convenience it also provides to potential buyers not having to schedule an appointment.

Seller Tips

It’s up to you to keep yourself safe by taking a few safety precautions.  Here are a few key points home sellers should follow before showing their home:

  • Store valuable jewelry, art, computers, gaming consoles, cell phones, tablets, etc.
  • Remove all family photos, if you need to put something in their place, pick up some generic picture of the same size.  Pedophiles and stalkers are also out in the world, watching for their next victims.
  • Have lots of lights on, avoid any dark corners and ensure that loose carpets, floorboards or stairs present opportunities for falls or accidents.
  • Keep the home locked always.
  • Video monitoring is highly recommended, as are motion detectors.
  • Refuse entry to anyone who has not been vetted by you and/or the real estate agent.

As you already know, there are many threats and none of these precautions is a guarantee. By taking a few precautionary steps, you can assure yourself that your day will be much safer, and you and your family will feel more secure.

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