Mobile apps can help you imagine how certain parts of a house might look after remodeling

If smartphones are not yet the center of all commerce, they’re extremely close. Most companies now build their online strategies around the “mobile-first” concept—the first screen they plan around is now the one on your phone. It might not necessarily be a private homeowner’s primary focus to start out with, but they can still take advantage of the convenience of mobile with apps.

Obviously, online real estate marketing companies like Zillow have their own branded apps. But there are several others—some not even specifically designed for real estate purposes—that can be of great assistance to a homeowner without too much elbow grease. For instance, panorama picture apps like Panorama 360 or DMD Panorama can make broad-vista shots of your property easy to take and share. MagicPlan helps you create a floor plan simply by walking through your house and taking pictures with your phone.

Other apps can help you (and potential buyers) imagine how certain parts of a house might look after remodeling, compare your house to others in the area, and even put your house up for sale with the touch of a button with no middle man. You can get rough approximations of your home’s value, how its value as (hopefully) appreciated, virtual “stagings” with simulated decorations and furnishings, or even what a potential buyer’s mortgage schedule might look like.

The main advantage of apps, along with their obvious convenience, is the sheer magnitude of what they can do. If there’s a certain function or task you’re thinking of executing, chances are good there is, as they say, an app for it. Since home buyers often use mobile technology when they’re canvassing neighborhoods they’re looking at, it’s good sense to have your home (albeit safely) a part of that traveling show. In fact, in the time it’s taken you to read this article, they’ve probably come up with a couple more apps.

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