Lock or unlock your door to home buyers

Home sellers and/or their agents should have a good idea who the home is being shown to by interviewing the potential buyer. It also normally takes money to purchase a home, find out where the funds are coming from, and then confirm the source is real. One great way to do this is get a copy of the buyers proof of funds letter, whether cash or being financed you should be able to confirm with a phone call to the bank, lender, or other resource the buyers intentions are real. Here are a couple other quick ideas:

  • Do some internet searches on the names of potential clients
  • Browse through Facebook pages
  • Check LinkedIn for a profile
  • Confirm they have given you a physical street address and be sure it’s legit

If the interview process leaves you feeling ill at ease, you can then take added precautions before you meet the prospective buyer.

Don’t hold an open house

Open houses have been proven deadly for the agent and the homeowner. It invites everyone, known and unknown, into your home without the ability to confirm the buyers true interest. Multiple people in your home at a time keep you and the real estate agent busy, while others freely move about your home without supervision. Especially since its effectiveness as a sales tool has declined, the open house is an unnecessary risk not worth taking.

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