Home sellers with a layman’s level of tech savvy can craft a useful tool by drawing up floor plans

Home sellers with a layman’s level of tech savvy can craft a useful tool by drawing up floor plans with a variety of online software and apps. They’re even less invasive and expensive than VR tours, and don’t require much setup or great artistic ability.

At the basic, 2D level, digital floor plans duplicate the blueprints used by architects and builders. The seller draws out a flat design, to scale of the rooms, walls, doors and windows of their home.

That flat plan can also be converted, with very little extra effort, into a full 3D model with a number of online sites and applications. Once a program takes your 2D plan and converts it to 3D, you have the option of dressing it up with simulated furnishings, fixtures and colors to give a fuller birds-eye view of how functional the house can be. You can easily convert a decent 3D floor plan into a semi-virtual reality experience as well, with 360° imagery and accurate depth depiction from one spot in the room.

The technology for 3D floor plans has been around for a while, and are now capable of showing homes in with dynamic scope and greater internal detail. In certain environments, prospective buyers can customize the internal appearances with simulations of their own furnishings and amenities to personalize their results even further. For sellers, floor plans are effective simulations that are another step removed from the VR tour. They can show the layout and spatial qualities exactly without any risk of unintended privacy breaches.

From a cost perspective, even if you decide to hire outside help to build a digital floor plan, it’s much less laborious to create one than a VR tour, and therefore less expensive. And although a professional will always render a high-quality 3D model, private home sellers can design a perfectly serviceable version for close to free on some sites.

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