Drones are the most substantial new technology to emerge since the earliest days of the internet

As popular (and sometimes controversial) as they are, drones are having a considerable impact on business in the 21st century. For real estate, drones are the most substantial new technology to emerge since the earliest days of the internet, showing external surroundings at striking angles and highlighting features that eye-level photography never could.

Drones provide the most dramatic images of properties imaginable, especially considering their sudden prevalence in the consumer market and falling prices. Even if they were only used for stills, drones provide vivid views of a property from scenic angles and vistas.

The drone’s true value really comes through the use of motion video. Externally, it fully shows a house in its immediate environment at a wide scale—particularly effective with more expensive or expansive homes. They can also show the condition and construction of a house’s roof, and other outside constructions like landscaping, fences and pools. With some care drones can also be used to simulate an internal walking tour through the larger rooms of a house.

As with VR tours, a homeowner can hire outside professionals with experience in showcasing homes from an aerial perspective. But again, drones are becoming more affordable as their popularity increases. With diligent tutoring and some attention to production value, it’s conceivable that a homeowner could produce a functional drone presentation. Still, professional drone services offer expert assistance at prices that are extremely competitive.

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