A big benefit of video property review is that it “sells” the house in a way a real estate salesperson really can’t

Video has become the dominant media form of the internet since the dawning of YouTube. This reality has opened up a new avenue of personal home sales that’s quite unique from traditional tools: the personal story of a home, from the perspective of the owner. They can reveal their own history, and their family’s if applicable, with the house they’ve lived in. A personal video property review describes the property beyond its size, dimensions and amenities—it answers the questions of why and how the house became a home during the owner’s time there.

The “plot” of a video review can go anywhere. You can discuss memorable events that happened in the house, changes or remodeling that you’ve taken on, or even your impressions of the neighborhood, nearby businesses and schools. Authenticity is important: Although it’s ultimately trying to sell a buyer on the value of the home beyond the list price, it should also be an honest and realistic (though not too negative) account of how much work or effort has gone into maintaining the house.

A big benefit of the property review is that it “sells” the house in a way a real estate salesperson really can’t. It presents the voice of people who actually experienced living in the home for a long period of time. And again, depending on your personal level of expertise, you can make a presentable video by yourself or with the assistance of professional videographers for a reasonable fee.

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